Singing lessons online via Zoom with Claudia

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You’ll amaze yourself the first time you sing in public after studying with Claudia.

You’ve always wanted to take singing lessons, or perhaps you’ve had an ongoing desire to stand up and entertain with your voice.

Now’s the time to pursue your dreams.

Become the singer you were meant to be.

Study the art of singing with professional singer Claudia Nurit Henig through Zoom, the virtual meeting space.

Claudia, from her home in Israel, will provide a customized course of instruction that advances your aptitude as a singer in the privacy and comfort of your own surroundings.

As a professional performance artist, Claudia knows what it takes to fully express yourself as a singer. She’ll have you immerse yourself in all aspects of singing – from the artistic to the technical to the spiritual.

Both individual and group instruction are available, in Hebrew, Spanish and English.

Claudia has helped her students – beginning, advanced and professional – to accelerate and fine-tune their development as singers.

She specializes in a variety of musical styles, including: classical, opera, Ottoman-Turkish, Hebrew, Ladino, Spanish, and English.

A native of Argentina, Claudia became aware of the sounds of tango and folksongs at an early age. She emigrated to Israel as a young girl and eventually studied at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Later, she studied with one of the world’s leading authorities for Ottoman classical music. Together they have performed in “Mozart in Turkey” at the International Oud Festival, an annual celebration of the crossroads of Eastern and Western music. She also presented a program of Turkish music at the Israeli President’s House.

Claudia, additionally, has performed with the Israeli Opera, Israeli Classical Music Radio, the Orchestra of the Radio Authority, and the Israel Chamber Orchestra.

For all inquiries, email Claudia at:

Or, call (in Israel): 052-8650270 | +972528650270.

“Learning with Nurit is an ever-enriching process, full of discoveries …you learn every time, something deep and new about yourself.” –Raphael Brenner (Switzerland), current student of Claudia’s

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